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How to choose perfect Neon Signs

Table of Contents

Part 1: The common types of Neon Signs we used

Faux LED Neon Signs

Faux LED Neon letter signs, also called fake neon, are constructed of the engraved round acrylic face (looks like neon strips) and stainless steel returns, inner illuminated LED modules.

Versatility. Acrylic and LED come in a much wider range of colors, it keeps the classic neon look apparency and allows multi-color illumination.

Highly energy savings. The LEDs module will have a better illumination effect. Multi-row strips of LEDs modules also give brighter lighting compared to a single-installed strip.

Safety. Replaced the fragile glass, Faux LED signs use acrylic, stainless steel and LED module, it cut down the risk of crashing during transportation and lower voltage LED modules won’t get too hot to break.

Low maintenance fee. It is easy to install and the main cost of maintenance is the Led module after over a decade.

LED Flexi Neon Signs

Flexi Neon signs use flexible LED strips, they are usually mounted onto the clear acrylic panel, with engraved a shape line and sealed the LED strips into it. As the Led Neon strip is soft and curled like a wire, it can be bent into various shapes and come in various colors.

Due to the advantage of affordability, energy efficiency, durability, safety, and easy installation, it is widely used in home and ship decoration, weddings events, bar lights, etc.

Open Face Neon Letters

Open face neon letters also called Exposed Neon channel letter signs, Different from the common illuminated channel letters, the letter face is open and neon strips are exposed outside.

This kind of neon sign gives the neon illumination fully exposed and ensures that signs are highly visible at night.

Traditional Glass Neon

Glass Neon uses a glass tube and enclosure with rarefied neon or other gases inside, which are easily fragile and breakable, with a short lifespan. And it is not perfect for the closing look because of the wires.

As the transportation restrictions and installation, we slightly export overseas, it has been replaced by LED neon in most projects.

Part 2: The Advantages and Disadvantages of different types of neon letter signs

Compared with traditional luminaires and fluorescent lighting, LED lights are now revolutionizing the light industry, they combined their advantages of Energy & Cost Efficient, affordable cost, wider color options, etc. In the following infographic, we summarized a few of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of neon letter signs.

Sign typeLED Flexi Neon SignsFaux LED Neon Signs Glass Neon Signs
Refer picture
Main MaterialsFlexible LED stripNeon shape CNC round acrylic+Stainless steel returnsThe enclosure of rarefied neon or other gases +Glass tube
SafetyA low power voltage(input voltage of 24v/120v), not too hotLed module with water resistance and insulatorHave the risk of breakages, mercury, and neon gas
ColorVarious colorsVarious colorsVarious colors
VersatilityIt is a soft strip, with various shapes, and colors of illuminationWider range of acrylic colors and various LED lighting colorNot flexible
EfficiencyAn average meter strip of LEDs will use about 7.2 watts in power, which works out to be about 90% more efficient than other kinds of lightLess voltage(24V) means energy-efficientAn input voltage of 3KV-18KV, a higher energy cost
Product CostAffordableExpensive ( engraved kits + labor cost for polish round face)Higher upfront cost and maintaining costly
TransportLightweightEasy transportHeavy and easily fragile
Install Easy to install by mounting template, not need special installation teamEasy to install by mounting template, not need special installation teamThe weight, fragility, and power need a trained professional installation team
Life SpanLong life spanLong life spanLess lifespan than LED lighting
Maintenance feeLow cost of maintenance ( Led strip)Nearly eliminated the ongoing cost of maintenance⁠—with LEDs module onlyA trained professional maintenance team supported

LED Flexi Neon Signs VS. Faux LED Neon Signs VS. Traditional Glass Neon

Part 3: How to choose the perfect Neon signs

Before you want to get the eye-catching neon signs, there are lots of tips to be considered, such as the affordable price for your projects, sign types and visual effect, etc. No matter which kind of neon signs you use for your projects, below we list the top tips for choosing a perfect neon sign for your reference.

Install the application

Neon signs have different types, they can have different illuminated effects. Take an example, few people are willing to install glass tube neon signs in their homes but choose LED Flexi neon signs, because the important factors of these signs for home decoration are safe to touch and affordable price for installation, however, the glass tube neon signs is very popular at nightclub and bar as it will be much brighter illuminated.

Also, those small cafes or stores may prefer LED Flexi Neon Signs because Flexi neon is lightweight and can simply be on the counter (with a stand), hung from somewhere, or wall-mounted.

Project budget

Having a realistic idea of what you want to spend on a neon sign can help you choose the right design to suit your needs perfectly. For those small and medium shops, party Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and home decoration, LED Flexi Neon Signs is more popular to choose from of its affordable cost and frequent information update on the signs. For those architecture and brand built, Faux LED Neon Signs is the best choice as their grand budget and the installation building.

Quality assurance

No quality assurance, no save-costly maintenance. Imagine that the hanging signs don’t illuminate after installing one or two months suddenly, it is embarrassing and you will pay more extra cost for maintenance and replacement.

Turnaround time

Quick turnaround time means saving money. If we can get more signs projects finished, it will get faster cash flow. It requires a higher capacity for production management, It’s necessary to make a quantitative assessment of the effectiveness of each process from design, purchase, production, delivery, etc.

Part 4: What can FT Signage provide for your custom Neon Signs

FT Signage is dedicated to providing global customers with high-quality integrated commercial signage solutions.

All components of Neon signs have passed ROHS, CE, UL certification to assure quality and safety.

As a team of signage specialists, we understand well the neon signs making process and export rules worldwide.

All of our neon light signs are custom designed & handmade. We also provide the free layout, technique consolation, etc to assist you to create more values.

Welcome to take advantage of our custom neon signs supply service, and discuss further with us.

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