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A guide to Flat Cut sign letters

flat cut letttes

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The flat-cut sign is the most popular signage for the interior and exterior. It is used for branding, promoting, and providing information in business logos and letters, directional signs, architectural signage, etc.

What are flat-cut letters, and how to make them? In this article, we give a guide for your understanding.

What are flat-cut letters

Flat-cut letters are also called cut-out letters. It cuts the shapes of letters or signs elements from the flat solid sheet available in different thicknesses by the laser or waterjet machine, then processes the surface finishing to remove burrs, rust, etc., and laminates with painting or coating.

They are durable, customizable, and stylish enough for indoor and outdoor signage.

When you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your sign project that is not needed to illuminate, flat-cut letters are a perfect choice.

The materials we used for flat-cut letters

Flat-cut letters are the medium to reflect the quality of the product or service they provide, and variety and flexibility are needed to meet the different options.

The typical materials we use for flat-cut letters are below

Stainless steel

Stainless steel flat-cut letters are made of stainless steel through cutting, grinding, polishing, brushing, and other processes. 304 and 316 grades are the popular options.

It is ideal for business logos, office signage, and other applications which demand a modern look and a long lifetime.

Mirror, brushed, electroplating, and painting are available to surface finishing, and the cost-effective option is in the range of 0.5-6mm thickness. It uses a laser cut for a thickness thinner than 0.25 “(6.35mm) while using a waterjet machine for a thickness between 0.25″ and 3” (75mm).


Aluminum flat-cut letters have the advantages of lightweight, metallic glossy texture and various surface finishing looks, so it is one of the popular options for interior and exterior signage.

Aluminum is lightweight. The weight per square meter of aluminum material is 2.71kg/m2, much lighter than stainless steel material 7.93kg/m2, so the aluminum flat-cut letters are easy to transport and install.

The typical surface finishing is brushed and anodized, and laminated with UV-printed graphic vinyl is available too.


The lightweight, versatile colors and cost-effectiveness features make acrylic one of the popular materials for flat-cut letter signs. It can be used for office signs, wayfinding signs, parking signs, and commercial signage.

Available in Pantone, RAL color, Matthews, Benjamin Moore, etc. painting, acrylic flat-cut letters can match the various colors to make your signs stand out.

The protective film applied on the acrylic signs ensures your colors keep getting your business noticed for years.


Except for the advantages of metallic texture, and longer lifetime, brass flat cut letters are luxury gold looks and widely used in high-end applications, such as hotels, apartments, commercial plazas, government buildings, etc. It gives the general impression of higher brand value and trust.

Compared with stainless steel and aluminum flat-cut letters, the shortages of brass flat-cut letters are heavyweight, high price, and single gold color.

Brass will not rust but is easy to oxidize, so we do the anti-rust coating after polishing the surface to make it shine golden for a long time.

How to make flat-cut letters

Cut out the sign elements(letters, numbers or graphics etc)

Before starting to manufacture the flat-cut letters, the client approved the sign drawings using the details on the site survey, which specified the width, height, font, colors, materials, etc.

When the preparation is ready, we use the finest materials and the appropriate machine to cut out the letter shapes according to the sign drawings.

Grinding and polishing

We use grinding tools or sandblast the edges of letters, which aims to smooth the rough edges and prepare for the following production process.

If we don’t do this process, they will affect the bonding force and corrosion resistance between the coating and the core metal.

Surface finishing

There are many types of finishes to choose from, including: Mirror, brushed, electroplating, anodized, painting, etc.

For metal flat-cut letters, it usually uses the brush, mirror, electroplating, and paint finishing for stainless steel, while it uses anodized, mirror, and painting for aluminum.

To prolong the product’s service life, keep the original color from fading, and prevent corrosion and rust, we will supply the transparent coating protective film on the sign surface.


Considering the signage materials (weight, weather resistance), the install environment, and the user’s visual habits, we decide on the mounting methods.

The standard mounting type for flat-cut letters is flush-mounted with threaded studs and VHB tape. We provide a 1:1 scale paper template and the fixing hardware to make your installation easy.

What can FT Signage provide for Flat Cut sign letters

If you want the qualified flat-cut letter signs, you must attend us to assist you.

FT Signage uses the highest quality materials and an experienced work team to serve you.

  • Custom for each project, including size, fonts, thickness, and materials, whether big or small.
  • Many metal finishes and standard-painted options
  • Durable and lifetime guaranteed
  • Quick production time
  • Various shipping methods to meet the different quantities
  • Provide the door to door service, easy for the customs clearance
  • Support the sample testing
  • Low MOQ

Make changes to your new flat-cut letters and logos. Contact our team today for a free estimate.

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