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How to let your channel letter brighter but less costly

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When you stand in the night, LED-illuminated signs can be seen everywhere. A channel letter can be any letter, number, or other logo and is highly flexible to be shown with a wide variety of fonts, colors, and sizes.

How to let your channel letter be brighter but less costly, the following factors can be considered.

Light source

Use high-quality LED lighting

LED lights are known for their significant energy cost savings, long lifespan, and bright illumination. They also emit less heat, making them a safer indoor and outdoor signage choice.

Compared with traditional neon illumination options, they have less voltage(24V) which is energy-efficient, They may be more expensive initially, but they can save you money in the long run.

Use a suitable color scheme

The color temperature of the LED modules can also affect the brightness. A higher color temperature (such as 6500K) can make the lettering appear brighter, while a lower color temperature (such as 2700K) can create a warmer and softer glow.

Consider using RGB LED lights if you want to change the channel letters’ colors to create eye-catching effects and grab the attention of passersby. That combines three primary colors, red, blue, and green, to output over 16 million lighting hues by setting the intensity of each internal LED.

Increase the light quantity

Optimizing the spacing of the lights can increase the brightness of the channel letters, However, be sure to keep the letters manageable, as this can decrease the visibility of the individual letters.

As LED lighting starts as a point source light, LED strips will have a better illumination effect. And multi-row strips of LEDs module also give brighter lighting compared to a single-installed strip.

Right materials

Using high-quality acrylic or polycarbonate

Acrylic and polycarbonate have the advantage of high linear transmittance. It can help increase the brightness of the channel letters without adding too much to the cost. These materials are also more durable and can last longer than other materials.

Also, the color of the acrylic face is an important variable for a front-lit illuminated channel letter.

White, for example, is usually a typical and excellent option for illuminated sign faces because it reflects all of the colours in the light spectrum. This is why most highway signs specify white letters on a green background.

Another excellent option for an illuminated sign face is red, and the human eye contains a higher concentration of red photoreceptor cells (i.e. cones) than those for other colours. This is one of the reasons red achieves a high degree of nighttime visibility for channel letters.

Use a light diffuser material

For the halo-lit letters, we can use a reflective material such as aluminum or stainless steel behind the lettering or a light diffuser material to help spread the light more evenly and make the letters brighter.

Design and fabrication

Optimize the design of the letters

The design of the letters can also impact the brightness. Consider making the letters larger or bolder to increase visibility and brightness.

Use a thinner face

A thinner face for the channel letters can allow more light to pass through, increasing the brightness of the letters.

Painted white on the interior wall of signs

Some strip lighting systems have LEDs aimed 90 degrees at the backing panel. The intent is to direct the illumination parallel to the surface. Point these same LEDs inward with the interior painted white (a plus when the letter does not feature a lot of depth).


Mounting distance for individual channel letter and apparent letter stand-off mounting systems is another important element to discuss.

When installing one set of halo-lit channel letters, neighboring LEDs lights can strengthen others. The halo brightness of a single illuminated letter will gradually weaken if, further, each letter is away.

In general, the further away from the background the sign is mounted, the broader and smoother the band of light. If there is a thin line of light around the perimeter of the letter form, pull it away, increasing the distance from the surface.

Stand-off supports that hold the letter away from the wall may interfere with the uniformity of the illumination exiting the back of the letter and onto the wall behind. An acrylic letter back with threaded stud mounts that are centrally located is a solution to many haloes glow lighting issues.


Affected by external dust, weather, etc., the LED light may need to be dim. It is essential to regularly clean the lighting and replace any burnt-out bulbs to ensure optimal brightness and visibility.

Take away

We know to make your channel letters brighter while controlling the budget. The next step is finding a reliable, experienced undertaker to assist with your custom signage.

FT Signage has rich experience in fabricating custom channel letters, not only higher quality under cost-effective but also familiar with worldwide export standards.

Whether big or small, we are highly custom and tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements for each project.

FT signage can help you find the solution if you are looking for custom LED signage. Contact us today for a free estimate for your new interior and exterior sign project.

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