LED channel letters

LED Channel letter signs are a popular choice for both retail and commercial business’s, they are so many variations and they can be custom-manufactured with into virtually any shape and color desirable.

Channel Letter variations include: Front-lit channel letters, Reverse lit channel letters, Edge-lit channel letters, Dual lit channel letters.


  • Front lit channel letters, also called face lit letters.

Front lit channel letters use a translucent acrylic face and illuminate the lights on the face of the letters, they can draw attention during the day or night. These letters can be painted to the color of your choice.


  • Reverse lit channel letters, often called “halo” or “backlit” letters.

Reverse lit channel letter signs have metal face and clear polycarbonate backs, they are always mounted away from the wall to form a halo effect behind the sign.


  • Edge-lit channel letters, called side-lit letters too.

Edge-lit channel signs are made of acrylic returns, the light not only lit on the face but through the sides, the front face usually use special color vinyl or mirror stainless steel to reach a more gloss looks.


  •  Dual lit channel letters

Dual Lit Channel Letters Signs are a combination of Front and Back Lit Channel letters. They use metal returns with plexiglass faces and backs.


All FT Signage Channel letters are used UL listed components to guarantee the highest quality.





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