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A Quick Reference List for Int’l advertising sign exhibition

Table of Contents

The exhibition provides a platform for buyers and sellers to understand and cooperate. Sellers promote their brands and build mutual trust; buyers collect market information and find potential suppliers.

Below we give a brief list of Advertising Sign Trade Fair.

Benefits of attending the professional advertising sign exhibition


Exhibiting is a good choice for companies to develop new markets and promote their brands publicly.

Build relationship

At exhibitions, the sellers show their lasted products at the gate of local buyers. Buyers and sellers understand each other through face-to-face communication and establish business relationships.

Research information

An exhibition gathered by exhibitors can reflect the industry’s current situation and development trends more comprehensively. By conducting purposeful surveys at shows, companies can collect information about competitors and customers and provide a basis for companies to formulate development strategies.

The list of International advertising sign exhibition

Below is sorted by time. Times maybe adjust according to the situation sometimes.

Viscom- PSI

  • Time: annually
  • Place: The event is held alternately locations between Düsseldorf and Frankfurt each year in Germany
  • Remark: Generally speaking, the exhibition scale in Düsseldorf is larger than the exhibition area in Frankfurt, and the number of exhibitors is also more significant
  • Website:

ISA International Sign Expo

  • Time: annually in April or early May
  • Place: Orland and Las Vegas alternately
  • Remark: It is the world’s longest-running exhibition for advertising and signage and has now developed into one of the world’s most authoritative signages and advertising industry exhibitions. Since 1947, it has been 75years in 2022.
  • Website:

Sign & Digital UK

  • Time: annually between March and May
  • Place: NEC, Birmingham
  • Website:

RemaDays Warsaw

  • Time: annually between February and March
  • Place: Wolica, Poland
  • Remark: Poland (Warsaw) Advertising Exhibition is the largest advertising exhibition in Poland and the second-largest advertising exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Website:

DPES Sign Expo China


Media Expo

  • Time: Twice a year, in Spring and autumn
  • Place: Mumbai and New Delhi respectively, India
  • Remark: Media Expo is the largest advertising exhibition in India. It has been successfully held for 30 sessions. India Advertising Exhibition hosted by MEDIA EXPOSITION & EVENTS
  • Website:

Expo Publicitas

  • Time: annually in May
  • Place: México
  • Remark: Expo Publicitas is the largest advertising logo event in Latin America and has been successfully held for 18 sessions
  • Website:

Visual impact

  • Time: annually in June
  • Place: Sydney and Melbourne, Australia alternately
  • Website:

European Sign Expo

  • Time: annually (2022 is in May)
  • Place: every year is in a different city European
  • Remark: European Sign Expo is a European touring exhibition and is currently the most influential and largest advertising exhibition in Europe.
  • Website:

Sign & Display Show Japan

  • Time: annually (2022 is in September)
  • Place: Tokyo, Japan
  • Website:

The Printpack + sign in Singapore

  • Time: annually (2022 is in July)
  • Place: Singapore
  • Website:

Future Print

  • Time: annually (2022 is in July)
  • Place: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Website:


  • Time: annually in September
  • Place: Shanghai, China
  • Remark: Established in 2003, SIGN CHINA is an important “wind direction of the global advertising industry”, it is honored to “Oscar” Event Series of the Global Sign Industry
  • Website:


  • Time: annually( 2022 is in September)
  • Place: İstanbul,Turkey
  • Website:


  • Time: annually (2022 is in September)
  • Place: Dubai
  • Remark: SGI Dubai is the most influential and most significant show catering to the printing, digital, signage, LED, and graphic imaging in the Middle East.
    The United Arab Emirates is the largest advertising market in the Gulf region. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait ranked third, and Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain ranked fourth, fifth, and sixth.
  • Website:

Sign Africa Johannesburg Expo 

  • Time: annually(2022 is in September)
  • Place: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Remark: In May, there is one exhibition in Cape Town too, but Sign Africa Johannesburg is the largest and most professional advertising sign exhibition in South Africa and Africa.
  • Website:


  • Time: annually (2022 is in October)
  • Place: Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Website:


  • Time: annually (2022 is in October)
  • Place: Moscow, Russia
  • Website:

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