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How to choose the installation method for advertising signs

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In addition to perfect design and high-quality craftsmanship, the installation method of our signage is also very important.

How to choose the installation methods of the signage mainly depends on the materials of the signage, the environment in which it is used, and the user’s visual habits.

As below, let’s take a look at several common installation methods of custom advertising signs.

The main install methods are flush-mounted, ceiling-mounted, raceway mounted, side-mounted, and direct bury mounted.

Flush mounted or Direct mounted

This is one of the most common installation methods, it allows the signs and lettering to stay flush against the building’s door or wall.

It can be used as Room ID, house number signs, stair signs, Floor number ID, apartment ID, restroom signs, Statutory Signage, dimensional letters, logos, etc. The installation for these signs is simple and those signs are not be installed in very high condition. and we choose to fix them with VHB tape, glue adhesive, or Pins according to the sign type and where to install them.

First, we print out a full-size paper template (1:1 scale) to get alignment, and spacing between each letter, then use the tape to hang the installed template on the wall. After that use a level to check if the mounting template is straight on a line or not, then tape it in place and use a center punch or nail to mark the stud placement, the next step we drill all the holes where marked, and finally fix the glue around the holes on the wall.

For those room ID signs/apartment numbering, we put double-sided tape on the back of the plaques to fix on the glass or door directly.

When installing, please be sure to install it firmly to prevent falling off.

  • Wall-mounted
    • Use the adhesive or stand-offs or steel Pins to fix letters direct to the wall.
  • Door mounted
    • Use 3M permanent adhesive double-sided tape for simple mounting

Ceiling mounted

Ceiling mount directional signs and way-finding ceiling signs allow the passage to find their way with ease by providing clear information in double-sided directions, it is ideal to install in hospitals, airports, health care, shop mall, etc.

Here, there are two common options for ceiling signs

  • Direct mount.
  • By steel hook. It uses the stainless-steel ceiling mount kit for easy installation.


Blade signs usually use side-mounted installation, they are mounted on a building facade or a front pole or attached to a perpendicular surface of the building’s face.

The blade signs are designed for double-sided visibility and secured by the steel T-bar or U channel bracket, brackets are fitted with four pre-drilled holes and two sets of screws for installation anywhere including walls, ceilings. Ideal for permanent systems of wayfinding, directional, and interior place marker signs.

Raceway mounted

To cut down the hole numbers drilled on the wall, all of the electrical components pre-wired inside the stainless steel or aluminum box, including the cable wiring and transformers needed for the sign to work. The raceway itself is installed on the wall with pins, and bolts depending on the type of the wall, then the letters use the pins or screws secured on the back raceway.
The raceway usually paints the colors to match the wall which helps them coordinate with each other.

Direct bury mounted

This kind of installation is mainly used for monument signs, pylon signs, LED message boards, etc.

It is suitable for the situation where the ground is a soil structure and the mark does not need to be moved. Determine the size of the pit to be dug and the amount of concrete needed according to the size and height of the logo.
Dig the appropriate size hole or holes and prepare the footer, then put the signs to the holes and keep it straight in all directions.

At FT Signage, we offer kinds of custom signage made from high-quality materials that will reflect the business image you want to portray. We provide better products, and best of all, we worked with our partner local and provided one-stop after-sales service for end-users.

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