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General Guide For RGB LED Channel Letters

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Imagine that when we stand on the street at night and want to find a place to eat and a warm place to stay, the first thing that catches our eye is the illuminated signboard; When we want to have a party, flashing led lighting can always mobilize our joy mood.

RGB LED channel letters are indispensable in our store directions, branding, atmosphere, and other occasions. In this tutorial, we will introduce the RGB LED Channel letters.

What are RGB Channel letters?

RGB channel letters are constructed with stainless steel, opal acrylic, and RGB LED lighting.

RGB means three primary colors red, blue, and green. RGB LED lighting combines these three colors to output over 16 million lighting hues by setting the intensity of each internal LED.

RGB LED lighting has RGB modules and RGB Led Strips. Which one we should choose depends on the letters, fonts, size, etc.

Our RGB Channel letters package includes the remote control to adjust brightness and customize modes (Flashing, Jump, Fade, etc.) at different speeds.

Except for the RGB LED lighting, others structure is the same as regular front-lit letters, halo-lit letters, or dual-lit letters, among which the most attractive and common one is the RGB channel letters with front-lit.

What are RGB Channel letters used for?

RGB channel letters can be used in different applications of indoor and outdoor, such as event decoration, home decoration, front door signage, store promotion, etc…

We can use the RGB remote control to adjust the colors changing, time setting, brightness, and customized modes, to create a different atmosphere Multi Scenes on other occasions.

Can we do all colors for RGB Channel letters?

We can adjust the brightness of each primary color, and it is possible to mix any color we like, but black is not so much a color as an absence of light. So the closest we can come to black with our LED is to turn off all three colors.

For the white color, although RGB can produce a color close to white, a dedicated white LED provides a much purer white tone and allows you the option of an extra warm or cool white chip. The additional white chip also offers different scope for color mixing with the RGB chips to create a massive range of unique shades.


Because of multi colors and flashing display, RGB channel letters give more display opportunities to our brand, logo, or messages. FT Signage can support you in achieving perfect RGB channel letters.

  1. LED light with any color of your choice
  2. The RGB light color/gradient can be custom designed to your requirements
  3. Customized font and colour

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