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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polished Stainless Steel Letters

Polish titanium black halo lit letters

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Polished stainless steel letters are called mirror finish or mirror polish letters. It is polished to a shiny, bright, and reflective surface and looks like a mirror.

What are the common types of mirror polish stainless steel letters? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of letter signs? In this article, we briefly discuss polished mirror stainless steel letters.

What are polished stainless steel letters?

Polished stainless steel letters have a bright mirror-look finish of stainless steel materials. It is produced by mechanical or electrolytic polish on the surface of letters and has a very smooth surface.

It is mainly opposed to the satin finish, which does not reflect light on the surface.

The typical stainless steel material for polish letters is 304 and 316 grade for exterior and interior use.

What’s the type of polished stainless steel letters?

Polished stainless steel letters have the following types according to different processing and surface finish methods.

Flat Cut polished letters

We use laser cut or water jets for precision shape and size according to the different thicknesses.

Fabricated polished 3D letters

It uses polished stainless steel material, fabricated letters and numbers that have been expertly handcrafted to meet the client’s exacting requirements.

Polished Led Letters

It is made of fabricated polished 3D cases, an opal acrylic face or backer, and an inner led illuminated.

The commonly illuminated types have front-lit, halo-lit, and dual-lit.

Sandblasting 3D polished letter

It is a surface finish for flat-cut polished letters and fabricated polished letter cases.

Using the tiny particles of abrasive sand or spheres against the polished stainless steel surface by highly compressed air, we can get the surface fog or matte effect.

Electroplating polished letters

Electroplating is one of the standard surface finishes on polished mirror letters; it attaches a metal coating to the surface of polished letters’ cases. And it forms a higher corrosion resistance layer, also giving us a luxury metal looking for custom signage.

There are various metal color options, like Titanium Gold, Rose Gold, Champagne, Titanium Black, etc.

What are the advantages of polished stainless steel letters?

Metal texture, luxury looking

It is the original stainless steel and, like a mirror finish, reflects an excellent metal effect, presenting the grandeur of atmosphere, quality, and luxury.

It looks clean, shiny, cool, and widely used in luxury public architecture, branding advertising, high-end tapes, modern furniture, etc.

Lightweight and anti-rust

The polished mirror letters can shine the things around, and it is much lighter and uneasy to break compared with the shiny glasses.

By mechanical polishing, the letters remove the scratches and dirt on the surface, offer excellent corrosion resistance, and effectively keep them shiny under most circumstances.

High flexibility, can proceed into any shape

The polished mirror stainless steel can be laser cut into any size and shape, welded, grinded, and proceeded with other processes to form a 3D signage.

What are the disadvantages of polish stainless steel letters?

Easy to leave fingerprints and easy to be scratched

The surface is a clear and shiny reflection, so it can easily be scratched and leave dust dots and fingerprints. It is better to add anti-finger lacquer on the surface to protect it.

It is necessary to do mirror polishing again after cutting, bending, welding, and other processes, so higher-grade stainless steel materials are a must to make perfect signage. 304 and 316-grade stainless steel are available.

Any imperfections can be seen easily, so the craft is quite delicate, and each process requires high skills.

Unclear strokes due to light refraction in outdoor

Because of the refraction and reflection of sunlight, the strokes of polished mirror letters installed outdoors still need to be completed to be seen clearly.

It is better to install polished mirror signs indoors to avoid reflection under direct sunlight, which will affect the readability of the signage.

Take away

After understanding the types and characteristics of polish mirror letter signs, choose the right products for your custom signage project!

FT Signage provides all kinds of polished mirror letter signs. If you’ve got any pieces you want to share, please feel free to talk with us!

  • Sign type: Flat cut mirror letters, Polish mirror LED letters, fabricated polish letters, electroplating color mirror finish letters
  • Material thickness: customized
  • Logo size: customized
  • Installation: silicon, VHB tape, pin mounted, bolts wall mounted
  • Delivery: DHL/FedEx/UPS door-to-door service, air and sea shipment for bulk orders
  • Production time: 7-10 days working time in general quantity
  • Package: wooden crate, 1:1 scale template for installation
In this video, we show the types of poished mirror letter signs. Compared with brushed and other finishing letters, it is a challenge to make it more perfect.

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